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Looking for Gay Bollywood


Nasha Gagnebin · F/CH 2012 · F/d · 52 min

«Looking for Gay Bollywood» deals with the representation of homosexuality in Indian cinema and particularly in Mumbai within the Bollywood film industry. The film meets actors, directors and producers who have been involved in film productions that have some links with LGBT issues. After a brief history of the representation of homosexuality in Indian cinema, it then studies the case of a short movie of Onir, a well-known director, that has been meeting controversy for one of its scenes, as well as Sridhar's films, another pioneer director in LGBT films in India.

Zürich, Arthouse Movie
So, 6. Mai 2012, 19 Uhr
Frauenfeld, Cinema Luna
So, 13. Mai 2012, 13.20 Uhr




Judhajit Bagchi & Ranadeep Bhattacharya · IND 2010 · E/d · 23 min
Short film

Before his engagement a man wants to spend a night with another man.



Gender Legende