Passionate about our films – passionate about our community

Luzius Sprüngli

Network has been a partner of Pink Apple almost since its establishment. With a focus not only on politics and economics, but also on culture, Network is unique as an association of gay executives in Europe. Films reach more people than any other cultural media, and culture takes effect where politics and economics lack solutions.

Especially gay and lesbian films have played an important role in making our situation known and helping many people to understand and accept us better. This became particularly clear at the beginning of Pink Apple in Frauenfeld. But even for us as a community the literal projection screen “film” had an important meaning for the growth of our own self-understanding and self-esteem. In its 18th year, the Pink Apple team is again organizing a festival for which many larger cities in Europe envy us. Again we can enjoy film culture at its finest in Zurich – and in Frauenfeld within a smaller framework – organized by the very professional festival team. Their passion reaches beyond the borders of our community. We owe them a big thank you.

All film aficionados, whether gay, lesbian or other: I wish you many passionate moments at this year’s Pink Apple Festival.

Luzius Sprüngli, President Network – Gay Leadership


Great – it’s Pink Apple time again!

Mado Dubois

There is nothing more enjoyable than holding the freshly printed Pink Apple programme in your hands and making crosses next to all the lesbian and gay films you want to see. There are so many of them! Especially films that aren’t mainstream and hardly ever shown in cinemas. Apparently there are women that take their holidays just to see all of them!

But first of all, there are some obstacles to be tackled. If you want to be sure to see all the films you have chosen, you have to get through this: rising early on the first day of the advance sales, queuing at the box office and waiting until it is your turn. That takes time… But already here it becomes clear what the Pink Apple festival represents: you meet people you have not seen for a whole year and have time to chat, and queue time is sweetened by the waiter or waitress of a nearby bar offering coffee.

WyberNet, the network for dedicated lesbian professionals, has been associated with Pink Apple for many years and is a loyal supporter. This year it will be sponsoring “Watermelon Woman”. Catch a flick in an amazing atmosphere – surely the audience will be revelling at certain scenes – and enjoy smalltalk and drinks afterwards. Can you think of anything better? Long live Pink Apple!

Mado Dubois, board member WyberNet